Its a Mountain Biking Story.

06/21/2012 21:24
June 2012- I woke up at the base of a ski lift one summer morning in June.  It appeared to be the American Alps.  There was no snow and I had a mountain bike.  Problem: never been mountain biking before in my life.  Problem solved: think positive thoughts, "I am a mountain...

2011 lost in the making... or was it not?

01/20/2012 23:47
2011, it came and it went.  Lost in the little moments.  Drifted in to and out of reality, in a daze…  on my bike, in the pool, on the run….  yearning to race.  September rolled around and my season was on.  Two races.  Both brewed with passion.  Started and...

Parkinson's Disease Explained.

01/20/2012 01:38
The disease is characterized by a gradual loss of dopamine in the brain. Dopamine is responsible for movement.  We are all familiar with the Parkinson’s tremors made famous by MJ Fox, but there is much more to the disease than these worsening tremors. The disease affects people with...

Riding the Rockies

06/13/2011 20:00
The World is Your Playground. Ride The Rockies-  A 6 day cycling adventure through the breath-taking Rockies of Colorado. Arriving at the start of Ride the Rockies, the views were absolutely breath taking.  I felt like going for a run into my newly found wonderland.  So I did...a...

Colorado Always Sounded Nice...

06/07/2011 21:05
So here I am. Packed my bags one night and left the next morning.   Adventure and kick butt training lurked.... Was reminded how brief we experience this world.  Our lives are far too short.   Arrived in Colorado a happy camper... Made even happier when we got out training... ...

Wildflower 2011 Discussed.

05/11/2011 21:51
Lake San Antionio, May 1, 2011- “So what was up with Wildflower, Mega Meg?” MM-“I’m recovering from an injury, remember? ” “Oh yea, how’s your back doing?” MM- “It was a pinched sciatic nerve but its coming along nicely!  In that 5K I ran last month, my leg went completely numb the last mile...

OK, so I forgot to stretch.

04/27/2011 20:55
What is periformis syndrome? Appearantly it's a common thing, especially in triathletes.  Balancing 3 sports isn't the easiest thing.  Issues are bound to happen, especially when you neglect the importance of stretching.  Lesson learned.  My yoga days were taken over by life and...

Let the 2011 Season Begin, errrr, ummm, yea.

04/06/2011 20:08
Realizing this bicycle racing is kinda fun.  I started cycling as a Cat III mixed in with the Cat I and II ladies.  It makes for a good challenge and even placed 4th overall grabbing 4 out of the 5 primes in the last event entered!! I still like my triathlons though (Desert Tri 2011...

Injuries and Illness, again. Really?

02/06/2011 19:45
Take away something you love and you go crazy.  Take away running for 5 months and I went insane. It all began in late July of 2010.  A lifeguard endurance event left my calf out for the count.  It wasn't until late August, 2 weeks out from Nationals, when it became a problem. ...

Off Season Travels

11/29/2010 19:13
November 2010- Off Season has arrived and thought it would be fun to hop a plane to Puerto Rico for a little surf trip with a couple buddies.  Traveling is an amazing thing.  I love stepping foot in other cultures and experiencing the simple beauty this wonderful world has to offer. ...
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