Megan Monroy

About Megan

Born and raised in Southern California, Megan is a natural beach/ water baby at heart. From an early age she was encouraged to always “do her very best” and that is exactly what she set out to do; driven to excel in everything she does. In her early years, Megan found a true desire for swimming.  She also developed a strong passion for the ocean, began surfing and became an ocean lifeguard. Her high school years were spent dedicated to her studies, Varsity Swim and Water Polo Teams, and surfing. While attending college in San Diego, California, she surfed competitively while earning a 4 year degree in Psychology.

Finding Triathlon

Upon Megan's return from overseas traveling, in June of 2006, she fractured a vertebrae in a surf accident.  After stepping out of the pool for several years, Megan began swimming again for rehabilitation where she rekindled her passion for swimming.  Friends introduced her to the idea of triathlon racing, she then purchased her first bike and started training blindly for her very first race.  Once crossing the finish line, she  instantly became hooked.  Megan quickly fell in love with her new found sport and hasn’t looked back since. 

Racing and Beyond

Be sure to follow Megan’s racing and training adventures while she follows her dreams in the world of triathlons.  Finding freedom and pure enjoyment in the little moments while out training, combined with her unwavering determination will keep her in this sport for the long haul.  She entered competitive bike racing only a couple years ago for the simple fun of it.  Her racing and training adventures have lead her to multiple top finishes and numerous opportunities of adventure in travel/training.


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